Spatial Reflection and Deep Mapping

Description: Geographers often distinguish between space and place. Space is the grid of reference that we use in making maps (e.g. 31.7833° N, 35.2167° E is a point in space). Place is the meaning that we make out of space. With new digital tools, scholars from different disciplines are now developing deep maps that combine space and place. In this course, we will critically analyze the digital and experiential texts of space and place. In doing so, we will construct a deep map based on our experiences and reflective writings on Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Cleveland, and University Circle. Two guiding questions shape the course: What connects the various interpretations of our experiences at CWRU and in Cleveland? What story does our “deep map” reveal about ourselves, CWRU, and/or University Circle? Through different writing formats, including descriptive and analytical reflections, story mapping, and a short essay, students will begin to develop a sense of place at their new academic home.