Student Protest and Politics: A Text Corpora Archive

*NOTE: This is a prototype webpage. Full website is underdevelopment.

Description: A scholar or student interested in modern campus protest and politics has a range of digital archives to begin their project, including digitized national newspapers, digitized student newspapers and campus circulars, and digitized protest and organizational pamphlets. But increased accessibility also presents a set of methodological questions. Most significantly, where and how does a scholar or student begin? This digital archive offers a set of accessible text corpora to conduct content and text mining analysis of student protest around the world. Providing downloadable and accessible corpora text files offers scholars and interested students an easy access point to begin to explore student protest at scale. The goal is to enable scholars to explore and pose new questions about student protest and higher education, both historically and contemporaneously. For example, recent work by students in my class (“Civic Agency and the University”) used a corpora of contemporary articles on student protest to critically examine ideas of civics. Student reports on their digital analyses thus served as the basis of a digital resource book that seeks to expand the scholarly and institutional conversations about civic education. The resource book is just one example of the ways this digital archive seeks to encourage important scholarly and public exchanges about democracy and higher education in the United States and around the world. This digital archive is in its early stages.  


Text Corpora #1 – Contemporary Protest